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Mike Tyson Tells Kimmel About Sex With Maids In Japanese Hotel

Mike Tyson tells Jimmy Kimmel about how he passed the time while holed up at a Japanese hotel.

"I'll tell you, I get carried away sometimes. I'm in the hotel, they won't let me out the hotel," Tyson says.

"I go to training and I come back like I'm some Neanderthal. Like I can't associate with people."

"So I had to hit all the maids. Hitting means having sex with the maid," Tyson clarifies before gyrating his body to demonstrate.

"You guys not gonna lose your show over this, are you? They're so f--king ugly too. Okay, I'll stop. Sorry. I don't want to get kicked off this show. Then nobody else is gonna put me on their show as much as you do."

"So you're having sex with the maids, and then they clean the room or how does it work?," quips Kimmel.

"These guys were like we're going to keep him away. He ain't gonna have no sex but I did," Tyson concludes.

The former heavyweight champ also recalled a double date with Madonna in the 80s, when she was married to Sean Penn.

March 5, 2015 |

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