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Michael Moore Begs Trump To Attend Security Briefings, Wants End Of Electoral College

Filmmaker Michael Moore says he's terrified of Donald Trump's lack of interest in the national security briefings and cites George W. Bush as an example for what he shouldn't be doing.

Moore also explains why he believes the United States should scrap the electoral college and decide the winner of the election by the popular vote.

"The majority of our fellow Americans do not want Donald Trump in the White House," says Moore. "But because of an arcane law from the 1700s that was setup to placate the slave states so they would join the union, they gave them a little more power because they had less population."

"The irony of a man who said so many things that were racist in the campaign. That he would benefit from a law from the 1700s to placate the slave slates... the irony of it is unbearable."

December 8, 2016 |

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