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Michael Douglas Says He Lied, Had Tongue Cancer, Not Throat Cancer

Michael Douglas says he hasn't been completely truthful about his battle with cancer and actually had tongue cancer -- not throat cancer as he said on several occasions.

"This was right before I had to go on a big tour for Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps, so we kind of said there's no way we can cancel the tour and say we don't feel well," Douglas told ITV's This Morning. "You've got to tell them."

"I said, 'You've just got to come out and just tell them I've got cancer and that's that.'"

"But the surgeon said, 'Let's just say it's throat cancer.' I said 'OK, you don't want to say it's tongue cancer?' I said 'Why's that?' and he said, 'Well, if you really want to know why, if we do have to have surgery it's not going to be pretty. You'll lose part of you jaw and your tongue and all of that stuff.' So I said, 'OK sure.'"

The 69-year-old, who declared tumor-free in January 2011, recalled the moment he found out.

"The doctor just took a tongue depressor and -- I will never forget it -- I saw this look in his eye. And I went, 'Oh.' And they took a biopsy, and two days later, they said, 'You have cancer.'"

"With my type of cancer, if you're clean after two years, there's a 95 percent chance it's not coming back."

"You look at your body every day. You know every mole, everything that's there," he added. "You see something that looks a little strange, you feel a bump somewhere, check it out -- please. I made the mistake. I don't want to see you do it."

October 14, 2013 |

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