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Megyn Kelly Claims Fox News CEO Roger Ailes Tried To Kiss Her Three Times

Megyn Kelly claims in her new memoir that ousted Fox News CEO Roger Ailes tried to kiss at least three times.

'The Kelly File' host recalls in her new memoir, 'Settle For More', that Ailes even hinted that her contract was under threat after she refused his advances.

Kelly says the unwanted advances "started in the summer of 2005" after she was informed that she had "captured the attention of Mr. Ailes" and was being "fast-tracked" after being at the network for just one year.

"I was still a neophyte in the DC Bureau, working the 5:00 AM shift and plenty of weekends. By this point, I had figured out that Roger was not a politically correct guy — he would often make off-color jokes or comments about people, politics — pretty much any subject," Kelly writes.

"At times his humor would be over the top, but it didn't bother me much. However, Roger began pushing the limits well beyond humor; beyond anything I'd experienced, introducing explicit sexual innuendo into our conversations."

"At first it was just a comment here or there. But over the next six months, remarks would get more frequent, and more direct, and then he made physical advances toward me."

Kelly says "there was a pattern to his behavior" and Ailes "would engage in a kind of cat-and-mouse game... veering between obviously inappropriate sexually charged comments about 'very sexy bras' I must have and how he'd like to see me in them and legitimate professional advice."

She goes on to say Ailes "made sexual comments to me, offers of professional advancement in exchange for sexual favors, and, eventually, physical attempts to be with me."

Kelly says it was in January 2006 that Ailes finally grabbed her and tried to kiss her three times, before warning her that her contract would be at risk if she reciprocate.

"Roger called me up to New York and we had a shocking exchange. I was nervous about going into his office, concerned he might start in again. Sure enough, he did. And then he crossed the line — trying to grab me repeatedly and kiss me on the lips. I dodged the first two attempts, pushed him away, and immediately went to leave."

"His office was large and it took me a beat to get to the door, which was closed. As I walked away from him, he followed me and asked me an ominous question: 'When is your contract up?' And then, for the third time, he tried to kiss me. I dodged him again and walked out — upset, rattled and angry."

She moved to New York the following year and says they had "professional relationship" for the next nine years.

However, she couldn't keep silent when former 'Fox & Friends' anchor Gretchen Carlson accused Roger Ailes of sexual harassment.

"The choice became clear: honor my ethical code, or abide by my loyalty to Roger. There was no way to do both," she explains. "In the end, however, I concluded that if Roger were taken down by an honest review of his conduct, it would be his responsibility, not mine."

"If mine were an isolated incident, he likely had nothing to fear. If it were part of an ongoing pattern, he would have only himself to blame for his undoing."

Ailes was forced to leave Fox News and Carlson settled with the network for $20 million.

November 16, 2016 |

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