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McCain's Wife: Only Way To Get Around Arizona Is By 'Small Private Plane'

John McCain's wife, Cindy, who has a pilot's license, tells CNN she first learned to fly because a "small private plane" was the "only" way to get around Arizona.

"My husband was running for the Senate in Arizona and in Arizona the only way to get around the state is by small private plane," Cindy said. "I was scared to death to fly. So I decided I would take ground school and learn a little bit about it so that I could then maybe then not be so frightened, and I wound up loving."

Cindy said she then decided to buy a plane because "it was just something that caught my interest and my passion."

Wonder how other Arizona residents get around. Must be one heck of an air traffic nightmare if everyone's flying a plane.

July 17, 2008 |

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