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Matt Damon Doused By Extinguishers After Fire Alarm As Kimmel Feud Continues

On Thursday night's 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!', the late night host and Matt Damon continued their fake feud.

Kimmel began by welcoming and interviewing the cast of 'The Monuments Men' leaving Damon, appearing for the first time since he "kidnapped" Kimmel last year and hosted the show, in the green room with a "broken mic."

"Who complained the most?," Kimmel prodded the cast. "Matt," they replied in unison.

Kimmel also wondered whether Damon even truly earned his Oscar for 'Good Will Hunting'.

"I mean, maybe he just typed it?," he said of the screenplay.

When he finally introduced Damon as a guest "who only has one Oscar" and "the least of The Monuments Men," the show didn't have a chair for him. So sidekick Guillermo brought an children's wooden chair for the actor to sit in.

As Kimmel was ready to wrap up, Damon finally complained about not being asked a single question.

"What's your problem? How's that for a question," replied Kimmel, who then asked him about working with good friend Clooney as director.

But, just as luck would have it, as Damon began to answer a "fire alarm" sounded and the studio began to clear.

Damon refused to leave, suspecting the alarm was probably a trick, and ended up being doused by fire extinguishers,

"Alright Jimmy, marks my words. I'm going to grab you around the balls and I'm going to...," Damon said before being cut off by the credits card.

February 7, 2014 |

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