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Martin Freeman Not Turned Off By Racy 'Sherlock' Fan Art, Delivers Trump Burn

After he's shown some examples, Martin Freeman tells Stephen Colbert he's not turned off by the fan art depicting his Dr. Watson character and 'Sherlock' as more than friends.

"I did know that was going on," says Freeman.

In fact, the actor is so on his game that he delivers a Trump burn after Colbert takes a minor shot at the Royal family.

"There was a little criticism for one of the seasons because it implied that the royal family was being blackmailed by a dominatrix," asks Colbert. "You can't say that about the royal family. Do you care about that?"

"Obviously the answer is I don't care about that," replies Freeman.

"Why is it obvious?," says Colbert. "You're a 'subject.'"

"Listen, that's nothing compared to what you're going to be in January," quips the actor.

December 12, 2016 |

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