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Marc Maron Jokes He's Ready for the End of the World

Marc Maron jokes that he's ready for the end of the world.

But to avoid thinking about the doom, he likes to sort through his box of wires.

"Everybody has a box of wires, man," he explains. "And you've got to go through them at some point."

"Because everything you buy, every piece of technology comes with this one piece of wire where you're like 'What the hell does this one do?'. It's all wrapped up and it's got a twisty so you're like 'I better save it. I might figure out what it does at some point.'"

"So I went through that and I'm happy to report. I threw none of them away. Because what if the world end and it the middle of the apocalypse some guy with a machine comes to my house and goes 'If we had a wire for this, I could save the world.'"

October 13, 2017 |

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