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Man Fired for Posting 'Dilbert' at Work Becomes Subject of Comic Strip

An Iowa man who was fired for posting a 'Dilbert' comic strip at work that made fun of his bosses has become the subject of the strip thanks to 'Dilbert's creator.

Dave Steward, a seven-year casino employee was fired after posting a comic in his office comparing managers to "drunken lemurs". In the comic, Dilbert asks, "Why does it seem as if most of the decisions in my workplace are made by drunken lemurs?"

"I wanted to try to boost the morale for the employees," Steward says. However, his bosses weren't laughing and didn't like the implication that they were the drunken lemurs, so he was fired.

But when 'Dilbert' creator Scott Adams heard of Steward's predicament, he thought it would be funny to include Steward's plight in the comic.

Adams says: "I know good comic fodder when I see it... and any chance to mock the humorless is worth the effort."

The strip published this week can be seen below:

While Adams clearly defends Steward, he has some advice for the workplace: "Stick with 'Garfield.' No one ever got fired for loving lasagna."

February 22, 2008 |

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