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Madonna On 'Fifty Shades Of Grey': 'No Guy Goes Down On A Girl That Much'

If 'Fifty Shades Of Grey's box office success is any indication, fans of the book had been looking forward to the erotic novel's big screen adaptation on Valentine's Day.

Well, most fans. Madonna says having read the book she just doesn't see what all the fuss is about.

"It's pulp fiction. It's not very sexy, maybe for someone who has never had sex before," she tells Billboard magazine.

"I kept waiting for something exciting and crazy to happen in that red room thing, and I was like, 'Hmm, a lot of spanking.'"

"I also thought this is so unrealistic because no guy goes down on a girl that much. I'm sorry, but no one eats p---y as much as the guy in that book."

The 'Rebel Heart' singer added that she was a "hopeless romantic" and "sex is a wonderful, necessary part of life."

Asked if that meant she would get married again, the 56-year-old singer replied; "What does romance have to do with getting married?"

February 17, 2015 |

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