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'Lost' Producers Answer Question of Libby's Unresolved Story

Asked if we would ever get closure to the Libby story, producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse said unfortunately that may be a storyline that is never fully addressed on the show.

However, they did spill the beans on what they had planned.

"The closure you are referring to is whether we will ever answer the question as to how she was in the same mental institution as Hurley," said Lindeolf.

"Unfortunately, one of the things about the show, in terms of the story that we want to tell is that we very often are beholden to the actors playing those characters to tell the stories that we want to."

"For example, we had a very sort of intricate storyline planned for Mr. Eko but Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje didn't want to be on the show beyond one season. So we were forced to exit him before we wanted to and other characters had to take up the mantle of that story."

"You can't blame an actor who you kill off the show for not wanting to come back. So our plans to resolve the Libby story in several scripts basically went awry because Cynthia Watros basically didn't want to participate."

"So to explain it in another way, through another character basically saying 'Hey, you want to know why Libby was in that mental institution?' would be more insulting than to do it the way that we planned."

"So you should probably prepare yourselves for the ambiguity for not ever knowing for why Libby and Hurley were in the mental institution together. But our answer to that question has always been fairly consistent, which is, it's always been a fairly mundane explanation."

"And one that Libby basically offers up in the season two finale to Desmond, which is it is as a result of the loss of her husband, who named the ship the Elizabeth after her. That she sort of went to a very, very dark place."

"And although there were some more thought out specifics there, the answer to the question is Libby's husband died, she went crazy, and she spent some time in the mental institution. She was released from the mental institution and then gave Desmond her boat. That's the story."

Asked if then it was simply coincidence that Libby and Hurley were in the same mental institution, Damon responds: "No more coincidental than any of our characters running into each other."

"We've always told the story of these peoples lives intertwining in very significant ways prior to them getting on this plane so that was just a further iteration of that."

July 6, 2009 |

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