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Lizzy Caplan Talks Nudity and Tells Jon Hamm Why She's Better Than Him

Lizzy Caplan talks with Jimmy Kimmel about all of the nudity involved with filming her show 'Masters of Sex'.

Caplan says "it's strange because we're all friends now. We've known each other for years, three years, and it's a very odd thing to see your friends naked."

"But not only naked. Naked and pretending to have sex with each other."

When Lizzy tells Kimmel that this ex-girlfriend, Sarah Silverman (photosSarah Silverman photos), has sex with a woman on the show, the host quips: "That actually upsets me because for years I asked her to have sex with a woman and she said no."

Caplan also explains why she's better than Jon Hamm despite being the second guest of the night.

The actress goes on to explain it must be true because Hamm was fired after a pilot they did together was picked up. The actor was then replaced by a woman who was a writer and not an actor.

June 24, 2015 |

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