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Lindsay Lohan Accused Of Stealing Girl's Mink Coat

New York student Masha Markova wants to know how Lindsay Lohan (photosLindsay Lohan photos) ended up with her $10,000 blond mink coat, the same day it was 'lost' at a nightclub, and she is demanding Lohan pay for the impromptu rental.

Masha tells the 'New York Post' that she believed she had forever lost the pricey jacket, which was a gift from her grandmother, after a night of partying on January 26. Until one day a couple of weeks later when she was flipping through the February issue of 'OK!' magazine and couldn't believe what she was seeing -- Lindsay Lohan was photographed the night of Jan. 26 wearing the very same fur coat!

Markova says photos from the day showed her arriving at the party in a black coat, but Lohan was photographed in her fur coat when it was time to leave. "It was my coat. It was no doubt!," she says. So her lawyer Lohan's reps, threatening litigation, and the coat was returned with no admission of any wrongdoing or even an apology: "They were very discreet, never mentioned a name or even the word 'coat,'. They just said, 'We're going to bring you something.'"

Markova tells the paper she received the coat two days later "reeking of cigarettes and booze."

"I don't see how it could have been an accident," says Markova and she wants Lohan to pay at least $10,000 for the unauthorized, three-week rental.

May 7, 2008 |

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