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Liam Neeson Says His Nephews Pirated 'Taken', Reads 'Five Little Monkeys'

Liam Neeson tells Jimmy Kimmel that his own nephews illegally downloaded and watched 'Taken'.

"When the first 'Taken' came out. They opened it in France first. Then they opened it in South Korea," says Neeson.

"Then I got a call from my nephews saying 'Uncle Liam, we saw your movie.' I said 'Which one?'. They said 'Taken'. I said 'You couldn't have seen it, it hasn't come out yet'. Certainly not in Britain."

"'Uh, we downloaded it, Uncle Liam.'"

"I said 'You can't you're breaking the law. They said 'We're students'. They save their money for the big event films. All the rest they just download."

"They steal it," says Kimmel. "You were literally Taken."

The actor also read 'Five Litte Monkeys' in a Bedtime story segment.

March 12, 2015 |

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