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Lena Dunham Apologizes For 'Distasteful Joke' About Wishing For Abortion

Lena Dunham is apologizing after a crude comment about abortion during a 'Women of the Hour' podcast.

In the broadcast, the 'Girls' star said she had never terminated a pregnancy, but almost wished she had, so she could better advocate for abortion rights.

Dunham was talking about a visit to a Texas Planned Parenthood years ago when a girl asked her to share her experience with abortion.

"And I realized then that even I was carrying within myself stigma around this issue. Even I, the woman who cares as much as anybody about a woman's right to choose, felt that it was important that people know that I was unblemished in this department," she said.

"Now I can say that I still haven’t had an abortion, but I wish I had."

Fans called out Dunham for her "offensive" statement and for "trivializing" the decision.

The actress tried to explain herself on Tuesday and said her bad joke "didn't translate" in the audio.

"I'm so proud of the medley of voices in the episode. I truly hope a distasteful joke on my part won't diminish the amazing work of all the women who participated," she wrote on social media.

"My words were spoken from a sort of 'delusional girl' persona I often inhabit, a girl who careens between wisdom and ignorance (that's what my TV show is too) and it didn't translate. That's my fault. I would never, ever intentionally trivialize the emotional and physical challenges of terminating a pregnancy."

December 21, 2016 |

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