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Lebanon Wants To Ban 'Wonder Woman' Over Israeli Actress Gal Gadot

Lebanon is looking to ban 'Wonder Woman' because its star, Gal Gadot, hails from Israel.

The AP reports an official has indicated the intentions of the country's Ministry of Economy, which is responsible for a recommendation. However' the official process hasn't been started.

Lebanon has had animosity with Israel and even has a law on the books that boycotts Israeli products. The current thinking reasons that star Gal Gadot should not be seen as anything more than another Israeli product.

A group called Campaign to Boycott Supporters of Israel-Lebanon has encouraged the move citing that Gadot was a soldier in the Israeli army and has expressed support for Israeli position in the Gaza Strip.

Notably, 'Batman vs Superman', which also co-starred Gadot, was shown in Lebanese theaters.

Tensions between the country have remained high for decades. A couple of years ago, Miss Lebanon was forced to apologize after posting a selfie with Miss Israel, Doron Matalon. She later claimed the Israeli contestant had photobombed her selfie.

May 31, 2017 |

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