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Kristen Bell and Melissa McCarthy Got in a 'Boob Fight' Filming 'The Boss'

In an appearance with Jimmy Kimmel, Kristen Bell (photosKristen Bell photos) recalls a memorable scene she filmed with Melissa McCarthy for the movie 'The Boss'.

"Now she's mine because I've seen her vagina," jokes Bell about how closer the pair got. "And we got very intimate during this movie."

"We've been teasing it a lot. There's a big boobie fight. There's a boob fight."

"She attempts to help me get a little lift and we end up punching each other in the tits for a little while."

"I mean, quite honestly, I might have cheated on my husband with Melissa McCarthy."

"Boobs are funny to begin with but it's such a funny scene because we were just whapping and slapping each other's boobs all around."

"It's funny stuff. We were a little bit bruised but we were laughing very hard the entire time."

March 24, 2016 |

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