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Colbert Asks Kevin Spacey About Reality Being Crazier Than 'House of Cards'

In an appearance on the 'Late Show', Stephen Colbert asks Kevin Spacey about reality being crazier than his White House drama 'House of Cards'.

"Is it odd to do a show like 'House of Cards' that does not seem as crazy as reality anymore? Is that a challenge in any way to you?," asks Colbert.

"As Christopher Walken would say 'It's crazy,'" Spacey says in his Walken impression.

Spacey admits he's heard people say that 'House of Cards' can no longer compete with reality but he says: "I have to say, I don't think we've ever been more relevant."

Spacey joked years ago that he was talking to Donald Trump when he did his asides, before he was ever a serious candidate.

"What has become clear is that, of course, he hasn't been listening at all," jokes Spacey. "I would simply say this: I do believe we have better writers."

"But I have to say, it's been very entertaining."

May 24, 2017 |

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