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Kevin James Jokes About All Things Weight On 'Letterman' (Video)

Funny man Kevin James was on the 'Late Show with David Letterman' this week and the two joked about everything from his weight to Oprah's recent announcement that she hit two hundred pounds.

"You look pretty good. You look like, I know we always talk about it. I don't mean to make you feel self-conscious, but you look pretty good," Letterman said as he began the interview.

"The sad part about this is the best I'm gonna look right here," replied James. "This is like after a team of people have worked on me. This is make-up, hair, wardrobe."

"And it's my wardrobe guy, Patrick, I feel really sorry for because you know, he had dreams, Dave. Wanted to go out to Hollywood and 'oh, I'm gonna dress movie stars' and he gets me... and he's like 'alright, here are your options for today: I have stretchy black and stretchy dark black."

"In the movie (Paul Blart: Mall Cop) I was a little heavier, I'm down now, but don't be fooled. I'm like the market, I'm down now but I'm going back up. You can count on it. It's tough being healthy, I'm trying though and my doctor wants me to eat healthier foods but it's not happening, really."

"He's trying to get me to eat fish and I don't like fish but people try to continually force fish on me. You know, they're always like 'here, try this, it doesn't taste like fish. Okay, remind me why I am eating it again then? You know what else doesn't taste like fish? Cupcakes."

"When you're in the public, when you go down people notice it and when you go up people say 'oh, he blew up'. I mean Oprah just made an announcement that she hit 200 pounds... she's gonna get back down and I feel her pain. I will say this though: I don't think you need to announce weight gain."

"It'll do it for you, absolutely. I know when I pack on a few, my gut is the only publicist I need. It enters a room before I do."

"I work out... I'm trying different things. I'm eating healthier. I'm making all the right moves. I went out and I bought myself the George Foreman grill, which is unbelievable." Kevin said he especially loved the tray that collects the drained away fat: "Great, great product. I love it. Sometimes the food is a little dry but the dripping tray at the bottom is great."

January 8, 2009 |

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