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Kelsey Grammer Walks Out Moments Before Piers Morgan Interview

Kelsey Grammer walked out of his scheduled interview on CNN's 'Piers Morgan Tonight' Wednesday night, moments before he was to be on the air.

"Kelsey Grammer was supposed to be on my show, but he ran out of the building," Morgan said on Twitter. "Strange."

He later explained: "So, Kelsey Grammer saw a photo of his ex-wife Camille in the open of our show and legged it."

"Extraordinary. Never had this happen before. He said he was really looking forward to the interview. I like Kelsey Grammer personally, but this was a shockingly unprofessional thing to do. I wasn't even going to mention his ex-wife."

But Grammer's publicist says that the actor wasn't there to discuss his ex-wife and he was justified to leave.

"Piers needs to take responsibility for what he did to Kelsey," he says. "It's called accountability."

Kelsey and Camille Grammer divorced last year after 13 years of marriage. The 57-year-old has since wed the younger Kayte Walsh, and the two welcomed a daughter in July.

September 20, 2012 |

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