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Kelsey Grammer: Camille Grammer Thought She Married Frasier

Kelsey Grammer says his marriage didn't work because ex-wife Camille Grammer thought she was marrying his character from Frasier.

"I think she married me because I was Frasier," Grammer told Piers Morgan. "I think it was Frasier."

"You know, he had this great wonderful life. He was stylish and fabulous, you know, just a little gay and he was famous."

"Kelsey Grammer was a different story. You got home and Kelsey Grammer was somebody different."

"She once said that I didn't want my daughter... that pissed me off," he explained.

Kelsey Grammer's marriage to Camille was his third. A fact that Morgan didn't let the actor forget.

"You've been a fairly hopeless husband from time to time with the various wives," said the host, "and then some of them have been pretty useless wives, but you've throughout been a very contentious, loving father, so that kind of thing must really hurt you."

But Grammer said what hurt him most was when his new wife, Kayte Walsh, suffered a miscarriage and Camille called it 'karma'.

"That thing about the child we lost... something about it being karma, it's just disgusting," he said.

The couple went through a very public separation last year after Grammer began dating Kayte, 30, while he was in New York City performing on Broadway.

Even so Grammer says maybe he shouldn't have been so cordial with his wife when he told her he wanted to divorce her.

"I was trying to do some noble gesture to make the destruction of the previous marriage go easier somehow and that was a mistake," he said. "I should have walked home and said 'we're done. You finally have everything you wanted, and I've found a new life.'"

On the bright side, the 56-year-old said he is now happily married the British flight attendant.

"It was like all the planets had danced together into a segregated charm on our behalf," he said of falling in love with her.

October 19, 2011 |

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