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Kathy Griffin Drops F-Bomb on CNN's New Year's Special

For the second straight year, comedian Kathy Griffin ushered in the new year with a vulgarity on CNN.

During the news network's live New Year's Eve broadcast from Times Square, Griffin dropped the F-bomb as she was joking with co-host Anderson Cooper about how to pronounce the first name of 'balloon boy' Falcon Heene.

"Falcon? F--kin? Falcon? How do you saw it?," she asked.

Cooper shook his head and said "you're terrible."

Griffin joked about her intentional slip in a statement following the broadcast: "Like every other serious reporter covering the now infamous balloon boy hoax, I struggled to pronounce his name 'Falcon' correctly."

"I have gotten a kick out of how many ways I've heard it pronounced by other serious reporters. Just add me to that list and happy new year!"

You may recall during last year's New Year broadcast, Griffin told a heckler: "Why don't you get a job, buddy? You know what, I don't go to your job and knock the dicks out of your mouth."

As for whether Griffin will be back next year, CNN says it hasn't begun planning for the event. But here's hoping she is. These two are easily the most entertaining team on New Year's eve with Griffin laying down the landmines and Cooper doing his best to avoid stepping on them.

Check out video of the segment below:

January 4, 2010 |

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