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Kate Gosselin Breaks Down After 'Dancing' Partner Threatens To Quit

Last night's 'Dancing with the Stars' played more like an episode of 'Jon and Kate Plus 8' after Kate Gosselin's frustrated partner threatened to quit.

In the rehearsal segment shown before their performance, Kate whined that she was "stressed" while her pro dance partner, Tony Dovolani, complained, "Nothing in dancing is natural to Kate."

"You're telling me how to teach you to dance?," he asked. "That's what I do for a living."

"He feels like I undermine him as a teacher," the 34-year-old mother snapped to the camera. "I'm not qualified to teach but I am qualified to say how I want something to be shown to me. I just want to learn. Show me so I can get it."

"I love how you teach but you're not taking into consideration how I learn!," she said.

"I'm a little baffled right now," replied the pro. "I've taught world champions. I teach teachers how to teach. I've never been questioned in my teaching ever before."

After Dovolani questioned Gosselin's implication that it was his fault she wasn't learning, Kate said "I'm done, I'm done today" and walked off.

That prompted the frustrated instructor to throw off his mic pack and say: "I've been Mr. Nice Guy. I'm done... I quit!"

That's when Kate Gosselin broke down in tears and exclaimed, "You can't quit... I don't get it! A lot of people quit on me in my life," referring to her split from her husband of ten years last year.

It wasn't long before Dovolani tried to make up and said he "overreacted" but the fireworks didn't help their performance, which was just as disastrous as the rehearsal.

"It was a nightmare," said judge Bruno Tonioli. "You go through the motions like a Stepford Wife. You need to get acting lessons!"

They earned a score of 15. Combined with last week's scores, they have 31 out of 60.

"When the real deal came, I started by mouthing to Tony, 'I'm gonna nail this!,'" Gosselin explained after the routine. "To my surprise, my nerves took over and my lips quivered throughout the entire routine. I was so happy to be out there, but the smile got lost. I was focusing on making my kids proud."

Kate tried to put a positive spin on the dance but saying the only scores that mattered were the ones from her kids, not the judges.

"The judges' marks didn't reflect the hours and hours of hard work it took to perfect every second of our dance routine, but when I called home, there were eight judges who all gave rave reviews. And while some 7s and 8s from the 'real' judges would have been more reflective of my dedication and hard work, I met my objective. Proud kids equals happy mom."

See the entire rehearsal segment below:

March 30, 2010 |

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