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Kara DioGuardi: Mixing It Up Katy Perry With Was 'Really Funny'

Katy Perry (photosKaty Perry photos) earned plenty of praise for her stint as a guest judge on 'American Idol' this week but Kara DioGuardi says, even though it may have looked vicious on screen, it was all in good fun.

"My Italian cousins back home wrote me texts after the show like, 'Do I need to come out there and smack that bitch down?'" says DioGuardi. "When I look at it, I think it's really funny. I think it was really good that she disagreed with me."

During her time in the judge's chair, Perry mixed it up with DioGuardi and even threatened to throw soda in her face.

"This isn't a Lifetime movie, sweetheart!," the singer remarked after the DioGuardi spent several minutes praising a singer who had lived in foster care for 18 years and had found comfort in music. "You have to have talent. Everybody has an amazing story."

"We used to be friends!," Kara cried out as she wondered "what happened to girl power?"

At one point, Katy snapped: "Please stop, or I'll have to throw my Coke in your face."

But the 'I Kissed a Girl' singer says she too enjoyed being on the reality show.

"The 'American Idol' experience was awesome," Perry tells 'MTV'. "If I was offered that job as a permanent host, I would ditch my career and take on that career."

"It's kind of like judging a talent show. 'American Idol' was great fun. It was so easy. I didn't really make anybody cry, but I did tell the truth to some kids that might have needed to hear it. I guess the pressure gets really on when you start eliminating the number of people that are going through."

"Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, and then you've got the final two. That can be kind of tense and stressful."

Check out some of the funnier moments between Katy Perry and Kara DioGuardi below:

January 28, 2010 |

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