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'Justice League Of America' Plot Details Leak Out

Last week we told you a bit about the Warner Bros.' 'Justice Leage of America' movie but we now have a lot more details leaking out about the project.

From what we're hearing, the characters of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, The Flash and Martian Manhunter will make up the Justice League. Aquaman seems to be missing, but that may because the studios haven't decided yet, or possibly because he will be left out there considering there are six other superheroes and water effects aren't cheap.

As for the story, it's reported to be a rough adaptation of the comic book series. In the movie, Batman will have a special piece of technology known as 'Redeye', that he uses to keep track of the other League members. Batman files the knowledge he gets from using it, such as Superman's weakness, for example, in case he ever needs to use it if a member of the JLA goes rogue.

However, the villain (we don't know who it will be just yet) gains control of the 'Redeye' and plans on using it to threaten the lives of members of the League and the planet.

Sound familiar? The 'Redeye' is known as 'Brother Eye' in the 'Justice League' comics and is a semi-autonomous artificial intelligence surveillance system. Batman equips it with an anti-detection stealth system, and through its use collects a massive database of information concerning every known metahuman on Earth.

The movie seems to be coming together nicely, although no confirmed casting news just yet.

September 27, 2007 |

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