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Judd Apatow Won't Cut Child 'Murder' Joke From 'This Is 40'

Judd Apatow says a scene mocking child murder won't be cut from 'This Is 40' despite last week's tragedy in Sandy Hook Elementary.

The scene in question involves Albert Brooks' character Larry, who is about to spray triplets with a hose, saying: "Line up! Line up for murder! Come on! Who wants to be killed?"

After one of the youngsters declares, "I do!", Larry replies "Okay, we're eliminating one, we're cheaper already."

Another child then shouts, "Murder me!" to which Larry responds "Boom, dead. You're dead. All right, the kids are murdered. That will save us some money."

Apatow says the script for the film was written two years ago, but he doesn't plan on changing it even with the events that unfolded in Connecticut.

"In light of recent events, I understand if some people might make an unfortunate association or put it in a context in which it was not intended," he says.

"They are spoken by a sarcastic father kidding with his children."

'This Is 40' opens this Friday.

December 20, 2012 |

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