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Joss Whedon: Marvel's 'S.H.I.E.L.D.' TV Series Will Be 'Very Hopeful'

Joss Whedon is finally dropping a few hints about what viewers can expect on Marvel's 'S.H.I.E.L.D.' series.

ABC ordered a pilot for the series based around the secret military law-enforcement agency after the box office success of 'The Avengers' last summer.

"I'm excited about the show because it's a very hopeful show," Whedon said at the Streamy Awards. "It's not about murder, and it's not about crime, and it's not people looking into their own belly buttons."

"It's about people who are trying to help each other, and that's one of the things I loved about comic books. They had costumes and the villains were cool but they stood for something, and I like doing a show that does that."

'We're trying very hard to be true to Marvel's ethos and also to the structure of their universe," Whedon added. "So it is definitely a Marvel show."

With that said, he confirmed that "not a ton" of familiar faces from the movies will make an appearance, but "there's a little bit of talk of that."

"Right now, I want to involve people in the characters that we've created for the show, and then we'll worry about that."

'S.H.I.E.L.D.' will star Ming-Na Wen as Melinda May (an ace pilot and weapons expert) Elizabeth Henstridge as Gemma Simmons (a life sciences expert), Iain De Caestecker as Leo Fitz (specialist in weapons technology), Brett Dalton as Grant Ward (an agent who can rub others the wrong way) and Chloe Bennet (photosChloe Bennet photos) as Skye (a character described as "bubbly, edgy and witty").

Clark Gregg will reprise his role as Agent Phil Coulson.

ABC president Paul Lee has already said that the story will begin after the events of 'The Avengers' so it will be interesting how they fit Gregg in if the series is to maintain continuity with the films.

February 19, 2013 |

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