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Joss Whedon: 'Dollhouse' To Get 'Stronger' and 'Pretty Intense' Tonight

Joss Whedon says what we've seen on 'Dollhouse' until now have merely been 'baby steps'.

And after the structure of the first five hours, which were largely dictated by Fox to drive home the premise of the show, the March 20 episode titled 'Man on the Street' and 'Needs' on April 3 "represent a much stronger vision of what I consider the show to be", says Whedon.

He describes tonight's episode as "game-changing," as Agent Ballard (Tahmoh Penikett), who is investigating the 'Dollhouse', finally comes face-to-face with Echo (Eliza Dushku (photosEliza Dushku photos)).

"For me, the question isn't just whether a show is enjoyable, but whether it's more than the sum of its fun, whether it truly touches, surprises or connects with you. These episodes may do none of the above — I'm not the boss of your opinion — but I feel strongly that they, and the episodes to follow, are pretty intense, and very much worth the watching."

Dushku also echoed much of the same in a separate interview: "We've now done 13 episodes, and people have said that the show took off once they finally realized that Joss is best off left alone to do his thing. That happens around episode six. Six through 13 are just extraordinary. I love one, two, three, four, and five, but Joss’ first script that he did after the pilot is number six and it is just unbelievable."

"The first six episodes are more self-contained, but once we sort of hit that place where the show takes off. Joss' voice is back, and it's loud, and it's as exciting as ever once we get rolling."

"From that point on, the world unfolds in Joss' way, with Joss' speed, and it's really remarkable."

March 20, 2009 |

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