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Joseph Gordon-Levitt: Edward Snowden Exposed Our Democracy Slowly Slipping Away

Joseph Gordon-Levitt tells Stephen Colbert about meeting the man he portrays in 'Snowden' and explains why he supports the NSA whistleblower's actions.

The actor says he wanted to pick up little cues from Snowden for his role and Snodwen, who he described as "old fashioned in his good manners" and "gentlemanly," didn't disappoint.

He then went on to explain why he believes Snowden should be able to come home.

"I'm not a lawyer as far as how he should be or shouldn't be punished," he said. "I think what he did was of course complicated. I understand why people consider him a criminal because he broke the law. He did."

"When he took classified documents and gave them to journalists, that was breaking the law. But the NSA was also breaking the law a million times a day everyday and lying to the American people about it."

"We didn't know anything about it until Edward Snowden provided the evidence. Here's the thing: the law they were breaking was in our bill of rights. That's in our constitution. That's what makes America so great."

"You want to talk about being an American? What makes our country so great is that we have these rights. That's a privilege."

"When a government agency like the NSA is breaking that law and then lying about it, to me that's scary. That's like our Democracy slipping away and I'm happy to kind of stand up and say 'I'm not cool with this. It's not okay!'"

September 14, 2016 |

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