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Jon Gosselin Speaks Out After Firing Gun To Scare Photographer

Jon Gosselin pulled out his gun and fired a warning shot after a photographer followed him home in Pennsylvania on Friday.

The former 'Jon & Kate Plus 8' star, who is now working as a waiter at the Black Dog restaurant, became upset when he spotted a paparazzo trail him off the main road on to a small dirt road that led to his country cabin.

Gosselin yelled at the photographer for trespassing, before pulling out a gun from his back pot and firing off a warning shot at her. He then her back to the main road.

"I was at his home on my own private property that is protected from public access and public view. The paparazzo followed me well off of the public roads and was trespassing on my private property when I confronted her," Gosselin explains.

"I informed the paparazzo that she was trespassing on my private property and instructed her to leave. The paparazzo refused to leave and continued harassing me and invading my privacy by trying to take pictures of me and my home."

"I am licensed to carry a concealed handgun, which I then withdrew and used to fire a warning shot away from the paparazzo, which is well within my rights under Pennsylvania law when someone is trespassing on private property."

"At this time I have not made a decision on whether I will press trespassing charges against the paparazzo, however, I do encourage her and other would-be paparazzi to contact local Pennsylvania law enforcement so they are informed about the a landowner's legal rights to protect their families, their property, and themselves against trespassers."

In Pennsylvania it is legal for a citizen to fire a weapon on private property, especially in rural areas such as the one Gosselin now resides.

September 23, 2013 |

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