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John Travolta Says Scientology Critics Should 'Take Time and Read a Book'

With Scientology under attack following HBO's recent 'Going Clear' documentary, longtime Scientologist John Travolta says his religion is simply "misunderstood."

"You know, people really need to take time and read a book... that's my advice," Travolta, who has been a member of the Church for over 40 years told 'Good Morning America'.

"You could read New Slant on Life or Dianetics, and I think if you really read it, you'll understand it. "But unless you do, you'll speculate, and I think it's a mistake to do that."

"Sometimes when something really works well, it becomes a target," he explained.

Travolta joined the religion before he hit it big in Hollywood. The documentary offered that the actor has been quiet about abuse and stayed a loyal member because of the personal revelations the group holds as part of its "auditing sessions."

One former Church of Scientology member said in the documentary that sensitive information from the sessions, in which the person is pushed to reveal as many details as possible, is often catalogued incase it ever needs to be used against the individual.

Travolta also recently credited Scientology for helping him get through a tough time after his son's death.

"You know, 40 years for me I've been part it, and I've loved every minute of it," Travolta told the Tampa Bay Times. "My family's done so well with it, and it's a beautiful thing for me. I've saved lives with it and saved my own life several times."

April 22, 2015 |

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