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Joaquin Phoenix Fights with Heckler At Miami Show (Video)

Joaquin Phoenix seems to be taking this whole hip-hop thing pretty seriously, and last night, he went gangster.

During a performance at a Miami nightclub, early Thursday morning, Phoenix got into a heated exchange with a heckler in the audience.

Phoenix announced "we have a bitch in the audience", before telling the unidentified man, "I've got a million dollars in my f--king bank account, what the f--k have you got?"

Joaquin then leapt off the stage and got into a fight with the heckler until he was pulled away by security.

Phoenix was dressed in a dark suit with matching shades, with his hair and scraggly beard in full effect.

It's reported Casey Affleck was once again on hand to shoot the performance, which lends even more credence to the idea that the 'career change' to a singer is part of an elaborate prank the pair are playing on the media.

If only Joaquin Phoenix had brought this kind of passion to his David Letterman interview.

Check out video of the Joaquin Phoenix fight below:

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March 12, 2009 |

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