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Jimmy Kimmel: Donald Trump Cancelled Appearance With 'Cryptic' Reason

Jimmy Kimmel doesn't know why Donald Trump abruptly cancelled his Tuesday appearance on the talk show.

"His people called late last night and canceled on us," said Kimmel. "They were cryptic as to why he canceled they said he has a major political commitment."

"But he did want me to relay the message to you that if he had been here, he would have been great," he joked.

"I'm dying to find out what this major political commitment was. Usually, it means he had to go on CNN and call someone an idiot or something."

Kimmel joked maybe Trump was volunteering "down at the orphanage," then asking "Why did he cancel? We told him there were cameras here, right?"

The comedian took one last shot at Trump as he assured his audience: "But don't worry, tonight we're going to give everyone in the audience a basketball dipped in cologne, so you can fully experience what it would have been like had Donald Trump been here."

Kimmel is filming shows in Brooklyn this week. Trump has said that he will do the show when he is in Los Angeles in two weeks.

October 21, 2015 |

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