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Jillian Bell Tells Conan About Mortifying Justin Timberlake Encounter At SNL

Former 'Saturday Night Live' castmember Jillian Bell tells Conan O'Brien about her mortifying Justin Timberlake encounter while on the show.

Bell was working on a script with Rashida Jones (photosRashida Jones photos) when the singer stopped by.

"She had these MacGruber poster printed out. And she's in these tight 70s jeans with a Charlie's Angels pose. They were doing a whole bit about 'Girl, look at that ass,'" recalls Bell.

"They were just like 'Look how good you look.' So this is when I'm thinking pipe in, say something, say anything."

"So they're like 'Look at that butt!' and I look up and go 'Yeah, put a penis in that butt!'"

"The reaction is I believe a polite chuckle and then a change of subject."

Bell says she was a HUGE 'N Sync fan, which made the embarrassment that much worse.

January 27, 2016 |

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