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'Jersey Shore' Cast Gets Raise To $100,000 Per Episode

Now that the 'Jersey Shore' cast has renewed their contracts, word is starting to trickle out about just how much they'll be paid to party in Italy next season.

How does $100,000 per episode sound? MTV sources say all eight members of the core group on the show will now earn six figures each per episode.

Since each season is usually 13 episodes, they should pull in $1.3 million to party, drink and create havoc.

Not a shabby pay raise when you consider they earned $30,000 per episode last season and were fighting with MTV to be paid $10,000 per episode just a couple of seasons ago.

Don't forget, this number doesn't include any fees from endorsements and other appearances, such as Snooki's recent $32,000 payday for speaking at Rutgers university.

April 13, 2011 |

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