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Jerry Seinfeld Wouldn't Hug Kesha Because She's A 'Total Stranger'

Jerry Seinfeld says he didn't hug Kesha (photosKesha photos) at the National Night of Laughter and Song dinner because she was a "total stranger" to him.

Seinfeld's refusal while he was in the middle of an interview led to an awkward moment for the singer.

"I'm 63, I don't know every pop star. I don't know everyone," Seinfeld explained to Extra. "And I'm not a hugger."

"I was right in the middle of an interview, it was a little off," he added. "When you get to be my age and you've done a couple things, you have your own reality, in my reality."

"I don't hug a total stranger. I have to meet someone, say 'hello'. I gotta start somewhere... hug isn't first moment of a human, two humans. I never did that."

Seinfeld joked he had a "borderline harassment case" on his hands now.

"I'm sure I would've liked her," he said. "But I need to know who are you."

June 9, 2017 |

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