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'Jericho' Renewal Becoming A Reality At CBS

Fans of canceled drama "Jericho" have CBS' attention. After being deluged with calls, messages and shipments of nuts signifying viewer displeasure, the network is reconsidering its decision, according to multiple sources.

This is no way official but sources say CBS is "this close" to bringing back "Jericho" for at least eight episodes. And a decision to bring the show back, probably for a midseason run, could be a matter of time.

"Jericho" had a promising launch in the fall but struggled upon its return to the schedule after a three-month hiatus, when it had to face the biggest show on television, Fox's "American Idol." But several factors could work in the show's favor: It appeals to the young adult viewers sought by advertisers and was one of CBS' most popular shows streamed online, indicating an audience beyond that measured by traditional ratings.

No deals are yet in place, but the fact that the network is moving to resurrect the canceled series is promising. Talks are under way with cast members, including star Skeet Ulrich, to return. The network is said to have options on all actors, but deals would need to be modified to reflect the unusual timing and number of episodes. Several original staff writers are also expected to return.

CBS has also been impressed by the display of viewer passion, which included the delivery of 50,000 pounds of peanuts to its New York offices. In the season finale, a character replies "Nuts!" to a demand that the beleaguered town of Jericho surrender. That's the same response that a U.S. general in World War II made to a German demand for surrender at the Battle of the Bulge.

"Jericho" chronicles the lives of the residents of the Kansas town of Jericho isolated by a nuclear terrorist attack.

June 06, 2007 |

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