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Jennifer Connelly On Wearing A Merkin In 'American Pastoral'

Jennifer Connelly tells Jimmy Kimmel about wearing a pubic wig for her role in her new film 'American Pastoral'.

Connelly says the need arose because she had a scene in which she shows up naked to her husband's place of work wearing nothing but a Miss New Jersey sash.

Since the scene takes place in the 1960s, Connelly thought she would need something to make her "business" more realistic for the era.

So after negotiating down to a smaller merkin she was comfortable wearing on set instead of a larger one, the actress got measured and sent it down to the wig maker.

Connelly shared a photo of the end product that would make its debut on-screen.

"You can wear this like a Duck Dynasty beard on Halloween," joked Kimmel upon seeing a photo of the merkin. "That is unbelievable. You could take it to a pet rescue center and actually find it a home."

October 12, 2016 |

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