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Jeff Probst: Last Night's Tribal Council Is How You Play 'Survivor'

Whether you were rooting for the Heroes or the Villains, last night's episode of 'Survivor' was undoubtedly a thing of beauty.

"I share your speechlessness regarding tonight’s episode," says Jeff. "Because after tonight, I feel like all Survivor fans have just shared a bit of Survivor church. I am still in shock at how good this season is and I was out there shooting it!"

"It was an excellent tribal council because we have amazing players left in the game. The many layers of strategy that played out last night was fascinating."

"But the highlight of the night and one of the stand out highlights in a season filled with them came at the hands of Parvati."

"It was one of the biggest moves ever and certainly the biggest of this season thus far."

"The reactions as she passed out the first and then the second idol were as good as it gets on Survivor," says Jeff. "This is how you play Survivor. Parvati just made it into the Survivor Hall of Fame."

"Parvati is ballsy. She is knowingly double-crossing the one guy everybody else fears (Russell). You know what that tells me? She's not afraid. Parvati is extremely confident."

"And Russell is a great player who is making potentially disastrous mistakes because of good old hormones. Say what you want, I remain convinced that he is doing this because of Parvati’s flirtatious ways."

"He would not give that idol to Sandra, even if Sandra was in his alliance. He wouldn’t give it to Danielle who is in his alliance. He wouldn’t give it to anybody else, but for a second time he gave it to Parvati with no idea she already had one of her own."

As for whether the revelation that Parvati was keeping her immunity a secret will cause a rift in the alliance, Jeff hints it's coming.

"Oh, there will be a big aftermath with Russell and Parvati. Russell does not suffer fools lightly, especially when he is his own fool. He’s mad. Burn your house down mad."

"This will be their first lovers quarrel. In the game of Survivor, they’re more than lovers, they’re married and this will result in a major spat. The question is will it destroy their alliance or will Parvati be able to salvage it."

Will JT's decision to hand over the idol to Russell a couple of weeks ago tarnish his reputation as a Survivor all star?

"I respect JT for one simple reason," explains Jeff. "The handshake with Russell. It was classy. He got played and he knew it. Instead of pouting he acknowledged the move and with his head held high, left the game. JT went out with a bang for sure. Many will say he made the dumbest move in the history of Survivor, but in my book it’s how you finish and JT finished strong."

April 23, 2010 |

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