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Jeff Bridges Tells Of Prank During Filming Of 'Big Lebowski's Dream Sequence

Jeff Bridges tells Conan O'Brien about a prank played on him as he was filming the 'Big Lebowski' bowling dream sequence.

"The one thing I've never talked to you about is the dream sequence. It's one of my favorite pieces of film ever. I love that dream sequence when the dude is completely out of it and he has this crazy dream that revolves around bowling," began Conan.

"Yeah, I made a terrible error that day. Conan: You made an error that day. I thought oh, it'll be nice to invite my wife and young girls to the set one day. My girls are 7, 8, 9. Somewhere in there. I chose that day you were talking about," said Bridges.

"The dream sequence. Along with the same day we filmed that we filmed the Berkeley deal with the girls and all the bone pin hats and everything. Thought that would be fun for the girls. They get there and I say no wait a minute, Jeff, what the hell are you thinking This is the day when you get on that little skate board. We practiced it. And you pull and you're looking up at all these ladies' vaginas."

"So I take a photograph on the set with this crazy camera, a panning still camera. It takes a very long, panning shot. I went up to the head bowling pin person and I say, this is a wonderful photo op, do you mind if I take a picture for the rehearsal, yeah. And she says to me, oh, by all means, dude. And I said that's kind of strange. I get on my little skate board."

"And I, you know, get my camera ready. And I look up and there beneath the leotard, are these tufts of pubic hair coming out of this leotard. And I go oh, okay. And I push my camera and the lens and as I go the next lady's -- why don't we -- unit, vagina, whatever we --. it's more ornate and the next one is more and it's the whole, you know, forests as I look."

"And what they've done, they went to the makeup man and had hair... thank God my wife, sue, and my girls were all in on it."

"What kind of family is this?," laughed Conan. "We sure showed our old man. He was under those vaginas we had this trick."

February 9, 2015 |

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