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Jay Leno and Mark Wahlberg On First 'Tonight' Appearance As Marky Mark

In his latest appearance on 'The Tonight Show', Jay Leno remembers Mark Wahlberg's first time on the talk show as then rapper Marky Mark.

"I'm still in the game, baby!,: Wahlberg said of the appearance more than two decades ago. "You know, it's so crazy because you look younger than I looked."

After Leno played a clip of the interview in which Wahlberg debated between shorts and underwear briefs.

"I started wearing the longer shorts because the other ones -- the regular brief underwears -- when you run around a lot they get sweaty. And they tend to get sweaty. You don't want anything falling out the side or anything."

Wahlberg quipped: "They give Justin Beiber a hard time. My god, I was an absolute trainwreck."

Wahlberg also confirmed the 'Entourage' movie is a go and begins shooting later this month.

January 8, 2014 |

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