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Jay Leno Explains How Super Bowl Ad With Letterman Came About

In his monologue on Monday night, Jay Leno joked that his appearance in the much talked about Super Bowl ad with Letterman came about after the comedian "found me on Facebook."

"He made a friend request," he said. "I accepted, and we hooked up and watched the game."

But before 'Headlines', Leno explained how it really happened.

"I'm sitting in my office and Rob Burnett, Dave's producer, calls my producer and says 'Hey, Dave has an idea for a Super Bowl commercial' and, this was Dave's idea, and I thought 'that's great.'"

"Because you know what, no matter what animosity there is among comedians, a good joke is a good joke. You know, it just makes it all go away."

"So they said we have to do this in complete secrecy. So I fly to New York, I tell my staff I have to do some personal business."

"I have a mustache. I have all these disguises on, you know. I pull up in front of Dave's studio. We have a black SUV, all this security. We sneak in, because even Dave's stuff, nobody knew anything about this."

"I walk in. I see Dave and we shake hands. And you know, whatever happened in the last 18 years disappeared."

"It was great to see my old friend again. It was wonderful. He was very gracious and we talked about the old days. We talked about some jokes. It was really good to see him."

"So we shoot the commercial with Oprah. Then I put my disguise back on and we come back. Nobody knows. Next day NBC executive came in and said 'Jay, we have a problem'. I say 'what is it?'"

"He said 'last night I got word that Letterman shot some secret show."

Leno said that the NBC executive thought the hooded figure in the SUV was President Obama.

"I said President Obama did a commercial for Dave? He said 'that's what we think it is, yeah.' I said 'look, keep me posted'. Everyday last week I would call and ask 'anymore news? anymore news?'. So it was great fun. They got a bit of a surprise when they saw it as well."

"But I want to thank Dave for making me a part of his promo. Glad to promote his show. When I did his show in the 80s, I promoted it every night of the week. It was fun to do it again."

You can check out the segment below:

February 9, 2010 |

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