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Jason Bateman Surprises Letterman By Revealing Fonda's Bust In Film Is Fake

Jason Bateman surprises David Letterman with the revelation that Jane Fonda's bust in 'This Is Where I Leave You' isn't actually real.

Fonda gives her fans an eyeful in the film as well as in the trailer as a family matriarch comfortable with her enhanced assets.

Bateman explains the look was done with the use of a chest plate "like a Gladiator."

"These are quite special. This is an expensive chest plate she's wearing," says Bateman. "It's Jane except from belly button to Adam's apple."

"Wait, that's not Jane? I could've sworn that was Jane," replies Letterman.

"For a small fee, she would let you squeeze them," quipped Bateman.

September 12, 2014 |

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