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James Spader Tells 'Shameful' Story Of Pretending To Be Yoga Teacher In 70s

In a chat with Jimmy Fallon, James Spader recalls pretending to be a yoga instructor in the 70s at a health club.

Spader says he didn't know anything about yoga but that didn't stop him from teaching it.

"I was no way, shape or form a yoga instructor. I mean it was shameful what I was doing," says Spader. "I had done it because the hours are flexible and there were a lot of girls around."

"This was sometime in the 70s and exercise clubs were doing things like jumping jacks, running in place and there's no aerobics."

"Anyway, I said yeah I'll do yoga. I was actually at a grocery store checkout stand and I bought what I thought was a yoga book. Now I realize it was more the stretches one does before or after yoga."

"I'd dim the lights and lay down in front. And I would talk them into some odd contortion that I interpreted as yoga or yoga. Only thing I got from that book was I would get them to hold the position and then breathe and turn the temperature up in the place."

October 7, 2014 |

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