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James Franco On Planned 'Spring Breakers' Sequel: 'Will Be A Terrible Film'

James Franco isn't looking forward to the announced 'Spring Breakers' sequel.

The production company behind the Harmony Korine film, which starred Vanessa Hudgens (photosVanessa Hudgens photos), Selena Gomez (photosSelena Gomez photos), Ashley Benson (photosAshley Benson photos), Rachel Korine and James Franco, has said 'Spring Breakers: The Second Coming' would not be "a direct sequel, although there are allusions to some of the characters in the original."

But Franco, who played Alien in the film, doesn't think the movie should be made at all.

"This is not being done with Harmony Korine or my consent," he says in a statement. "The original was wholly Harmony's creation and these producers are capitalizing on that innovative film to make money on a weak sequel."

"I want everyone to know that whoever is involved in the sequel is jumping on board a poison ship. It will be a terrible film, with a horrible reason: to make money off someone else's creativity."

"Can you imagine someone making the sequel to 'Taxi Driver' without Scorsese and De Niro's consents? Insanity!"

"I'm speaking up for Harmony and his original vision and for any creative person who cares about preserving artistic integrity."

May 15, 2014 |

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