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Israel's Minister Gets Giggles In Parliament Over 'Penetration'

Israel's education minister, Shai Piron, who is also a rabbi, could not get past the first sentence of his address after a reference to "penetration" in a speech to parliament.

Piron, who is also a rabbi, was supposed to speak on a proposed law against smuggling cell phones into Israel's prisons, but instead burst into laughter.

"Mr. Chairman, distinguished Parliament, the aim of this legislation is to deal with a serious phenomenon - the penetration of prohibited objects into prisons," he said during a late session.

He briefly recovered but broke down again over the sexual innuendo when the word "penetration" came up in the text for a second time.

Piron eventually pushed up his glasses, wiped tears from his eyes, took a sip of water and returned to his seat without finishing the address.

The rabbi later told reporters he wasn't expecting certain words in teh speech because he was called to deliver it at the last minute after a colleague couldn't make it.

June 4, 2013 |

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