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Immigrant Dies After Being Tasered In Vancouver Airport (Video)

The debate over the use of tasers is likely to resurface after a man died after being stunned to death.

Forty-year-old Robert Dziekanski, Pieszyce, Poland had arrived at the airport 10 hours earlier on his first-ever airplane flight to begin a new life with his mother.

However, after a multiple hour delay caused by immigration processing, Dziekanski became upset when he could not find his mother, who had returned home.

Unable to speak English, Dziekanski became distressed and began shouting in Polish, moving furniture around, shoving equipment off a desk in an arrival area and, at one point, throwing a chair. His actions soon attracted the attention of other passengers and security officials.

Moments later, four policemen arrived. There was a brief conversation followed by a loud sound, a Taser shot, and Dziekanski fell to the ground screaming in pain.

The officers fanned around him before he was tasered with 50,000 volts of electricity. One officer placed both knees on Dziekanski's back, head and neck after he was on the ground.

And in less than a minute, Dziekanski was still.

Needless to say, an extremely sad story. Tasers were meant to be used in situations that would otherwise require firearms, but their use has definitely expanded to even when the other person isn't armed and this needs to be stopped.

The first video is a detailed news story of the incident:

The second is cell phone footage referenced in the news story. A word of caution, it is unedited and could be graphic for some.

November 16, 2007 |

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