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'I'm a Celebrity' Host On Heidi and Spencer's Religious Transformation

'I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!' host Damien Fahey gives his thoughts on Heidi and Spencer's antics on the show and explains why he didn't believe their sudden religious transformation.

"Spencer and Heidi threw a big fit -- made a lot of people's lives difficult, left, and then wanted back in," Fahey tells 'Us Magazine'. "We didn't think it was fair."

"They really had to prove it, so they stayed in this old decrepit garden shed with spiders and snakes in tanks and all sorts of bugs, but to be honest, it was probably a more comfortable night’s stay -- physically -- than the rest of the camp. It was more of a mind game. I think they had a breakdown. They're not used to living like this."

When Heidi and Spencer returned, the two claimed they had changed and had a spiritual awakening, but did Fahey buy it?

"Stephen Baldwin said he thought their redemption was genuine and Daniel Baldwin called them 'convenient Christians'. I tend to side more with Daniel, though they haven't done anything to disprove Stephen so far. Seemingly they have found Jesus and I think Spencer's made an incredible transformation, but it's a work in progress."

"I do agree with Daniel, though. if you're going to be Christian and have all these beliefs, you really have to live your life accordingly, especially when you get preachy."

"As much as they drove me crazy, I obviously hope Heidi's health is better and that Spencer's okay, too. I haven't heard how she's doing -- we're focused on the shows at hand -- but you saw on the show how they fasted."

"They were born-again and they started fasting, and when you're out in the rain forest in 100-degree heat, it doesn't matter how much you believe in Jesus, you have to drink water!"

Fahey says so far he's liking Heidi's sister, Holly, who joined the show on Wednesday a lot better: "She's the polar opposite of everything we've seen with her sister. Very sweet, very nice. She's in it to win it and that's a great attitude to have. Some of the cast members were surprised she was taking part -- most didn't know who she was."

"I think Stephen Baldwin did a nice job of asking, 'Oh, what work do you do?' And she didn't freak out or be like, 'You should know who I am.' Holly doesn't pretend to be anyone she's not. And she's really competitive."

June 11, 2009 |

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