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Hugh Hefner Doesn't Want Kate Gosselin Nude In 'Playboy'

Hugh Hefner isn't a Kate Gosselin fan.

Asked about the idea of having Kate Gosselin nude on the pages of 'Playboy', Hefner had a quick response.

"No! No!," he said. In fact, he didn't even understand why the controversial reality TV mom is on 'Dancing with the Stars'.

"I don't think she's a celebrity," he said flatly.

Meanwhile, Kate is still dancing after soap star Aiden Turner was sent packing this week.

Gosselin, who had a 'mini-breakthrough' on Monday, after weeks of being the worst dancer on the show is over the moon with her performance.

"Dancing is starting to feel natural. That's scary, right?," Kate asked after her tango. "I feel very proud of myself, I feel very proud of both of us. I'm like totally addicted and on fire and I cannot wait to do this again. My gosh, I want to keep going. I love it!"

And what do her eight kids think of mom on 'Dancing with the Stars'? "They say I look beautiful," said Kate.

"They’re glad I don’t scream in the middle of the routine like I do at home when I dance for them on Saturday mornings."

April 14, 2010 |

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