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Howard Stern Apologizes To Adam Sandler For Being A 'Total F-ing A—hole'

Howard Stern buried the hatchet with Adam Sandler as the actor made an appearance his SiriusXM program on Tuesday .

The first chat together comes years after Stern began criticizing Sandler's films.

"I know Adam Sandler won't come on the show because I've, in the past, criticized his movies," Stern told his audience in 2012. "I guess that's the reason, but, am I the only one criticizing the content in his movies?"

"Certainly I know that a lot of people don't like me, but I still go on their shows. I'm pretty sure this last tour I did everybody who hated me. I mean, but what do I care?"

During the conversation, Sandler admitted that Stern's words hurt his feelings.

"When I was at NYU freshman year, I loved you. That's why it was weird, when you used to slam me it would break my heart because I loved you growing up,” Sandler explained.

"I always felt bad about all the years we didn't speak," Stern responded. "I really did because I was a total f---ing a--hole."

Stern remembered when he almost spoke to Sandler on a plane but realized the actor was avoiding him.

"That was after you were nasty to me and I remember the next day you talked about me being an a--hole again," Sandler said. "But the reason I didn't say hello was you were saying s--t to me. And I was with my buddy."

"All the boys would tell me, 'You have to do Howard,'" Sandler said. "And I just, from all the slamming over the years... And my friends would call me up, like, 'Oooh, well, did you hear what Howard said?'"

Sandler admitted the negative reviews sometimes get to him.

"The bad reviews that I get on everything I do, that part pisses me off because I ask my f--king friends to be in it, and to ask them to be in this stuff and I'm promising them, 'I think it's good,' and then I do screenings for an audience and it all works and I'll call them up after and say, 'Hey, that one thing you said really did great,' and then that Friday, every Friday literally every one of my movies is destroyed," Sandler said.

"Everything, the reviews, they destroy them so much that I'm just like, 'I can't wait for my friends to see the movie and not read that s--t and be affected by it.'"

December 16, 2015 |

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